11:24 pm - 05/27/2012

Hilary Boarding a Private Flight with Mike & The Messiah in LA

Hilary Duff, Mike Comrie & Baby Luca Cruz Comrie boarding a private plane in Los Angeles, May 26th.

He may only be two-months-old but as the son of a retired sportsman and an actress-turned-singer, Luca Comrie is certainly living the high life.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie’s newborn baby experienced luxury like no other this week as he travelled on a private jet with his famous parents.

The child who 24-year-old Hilary gave birth to on March 20, rested in the comfort of his carrier to take to the skies on a trip with his mother, father and their friends.

Hilary tweeted a new pic of the messiah, Awh so cute he definitely has her eyes.

Hilary tweeted: "Deep thinking"

mods:source for first set of pics is hilaryduff.com.br
thevml 28th-May-2012 06:38 am (UTC)
The baby use to look creepy-looking and ugly, but now his looks are finally improving.
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