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Lady Gaga Concert Ends in Flames, Fans Sink Further into Moral Decadence
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MANILA, Philippines–The fire was over, but the worst was yet to come. After putting out the last of the flames, firemen began searching for survivors in the rubble of what was once the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds. This was where Lady Gaga performed a concert as part of her “Born This Way Ball” tour.

But what was supposed to be just another concert in the tour became one of the worst disasters the country has ever seen. An eyewitness is yet to be found, but surviving CCTV footage caught the unfortunate series of events.

It all started when Lady Gaga sang “Born This Way,” a song that has become an anthem of the LGBT community. Upon hearing the chorus, straight couples separated from each other and immediately French kissed the same-sex person closest to them.

With only minimal foreplay these same-sex couples fornicated on the ground, and to make matters worse, they used condoms. Soon there were threesomes and foursomes until there were several huge gay and lesbian orgy piles around the arena.

But it was when Lady Gaga sang “Judas” that all Hell broke loose. As soon as the song started, the now fully homosexual audience immediately stood up from the orgy piles.

The lighters, which were to be used for dramatic waving in unison, became weapons of arson, their lighter fluid sprinkled all over the venue, blessing the place with the unholy water of fire.

It is unsure who ignited it and what kind of Satanic lighter fluid they used, but soon the entire MOA concert grounds were engulfed in flames.

Bodyguards escorted the bewildered Lady Gaga out while her Filipino fans rushed like mindless rage zombies toward the exit.

Outside, they trampled and tripped over corpses of Christian fundamentalist protesters, who by the mere sound of Lady Gaga’s voice started to eat each other without even saying Grace.

Those who made it out alive followed a similarly demonic pattern according to consolidated witness testimonies, mostly from close friends and family who were shocked by the demonic transformation.

Married couples, who were now all homosexual, cited psychological incapacity and impotence for straight sex as they filed for annulment.

Pregnant women immediately got abortions and bought several boxes of birth control pills.

Those who were taking care of grandparents or loved ones on life support committed euthanasia shortly followed by acts of necrophilia.

Relatives urged these Lady Gaga fans to go to Church for confession, but all of them had apparently become atheists, preferring to stay home in their sex chapel worshiping their new god, Satan.

The police have captured one particularly violent fan who after the concert started kicking street dogs several times before having sex with them (wearing condoms, of course).

He reluctantly gave us a quick interview before he was taken to the vet for Rabies shots. We asked him, “What’s the reason for your gratuitously evil behavior and that of your fellow Lady Gaga fans?”

“I don’t know,” replied the man. “We’ve heard all her songs and watched all her music videos millions of times. We’ve even seen footage of other Lady Gaga concerts online.

“I guess there’s just something special that happens when you hold a Lady Gaga concert in predominantly Catholic Philippines.”

(Lady Gaga leaving the venue)

"I'm not a creature of your government, Manila" - Gaga before she performed Judas.

lmao I can't
this is obviously not true and all for humor (idk, someone might believe it)


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what did i just skim over

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the tickets were so damn expensive- that's what they should've protested about. stupid hypocritical cunts

I wish they would do protests involving the row with China over Scarborough Shoal instead of going all-out in hatred for Gaga who probably has done more good than they ever have in their lives.

ikr lmao

i was all believing it up until the lighters came out, lol

this has to be one of the weirdest articles I've read... and I've been in ONTD for years

This post....................

So basically we can write bullshit articles and get them accepted now?? Awesome thanks mods!

seriously... this is so irritating to even have to scroll through. what bullshit. i see text and i read thinking it's news or at least, alleged news. they should just delete this post

Where is our real Gaga?

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Can we also post fanfiction in here?
Cause taht's obviously the next step

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So no fire, no abortion, no unicorns???




omg this is awful. but you know some conservative asswipe will find away to make this tragedy the fault of the gays

i'm glad you're confused (assuming you're not just being sarcastic)... hopefully your confusion will stand as a testament to why this article has absolutely no merit, and thus has no merit on what is gossip but fundamentally, a celebrity news site. and i use the term "article" very loosely.

I am laughing so hard, but I don't know if I should be.

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LMAO. Made me want to go to a Lady Gaga concert.

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what the freaking hell?

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