Game of Thrones MEGA POST.

There's only three more episodes left in this season of Game of Thrones and the season is leading up to the big Battle of Blackwater, which will take place next week. Until then, we've got a few more twists to enjoy.

Theon: In the last episode, Theon was furious to discover that Bran, his brother and two allies had escaped Winterfell. He set up a search party to hunt them down. At the end of the episode, he presented the burned and dead bodies of two young boys, telling the people of Winterfell that he had killed the Stark boys. We're guessing it was a big fake-out that could very well come to haunt Theon in the long run. In tonight's episode, Theon continues to hold down the fort and receives a visitor.

Jon: Jon continued to travel with wildling Ygritte, while she continued to bait him and act like a general nuissance. But it turns out that she's very clever. By the end of the episode, she had managed to escape and get Jon captured by her people. Tonight, Ygritte brings Jon before her leader as a prize.

Arya and Tywin
: Arya continued to impress Tywin in the last episode of Game of Thrones, while piquing his interest as to her true identity. Tonight, Tywin prepares to depart Harenhell, prompting Arya to call in her last favor from Jaqen.

Daenerys: Desperate to find her missing dragons in the previous episode, Dany went before the council of Qarth, but was shocked when the lord of the House of the Undying slaughtered most of the other members of the 13. Jorah is determined to take her out of Qarth today, but Dany refuses to leave without getting her dragons back.

Stannis and Davos also reappear in tonight's episode, as the pair and their army approach their destination.


KNIGHTS of old are new again as medieval goes mainstream courtesy of modern hits such as TV's Game Of Thrones.
Donning suits of armour and clashing swords in mock Middle Age warfare might seem more fitting for kids playing make-believe, but it is serious business for hundreds of grown-ups.

More than 20,000 fans attended the Blacktown Medieval Fayre in Sydney on the weekend, which organisers say is testament to a burgeoning interest in the days of yore.

"The movies and TV shows - Game Of Thrones, A Knight's Tale and that kind of thing - they definitely help, but I think people just have an interest in it," said organiser Rod Walker, who has been suiting up and jousting competitively for 20 years.

Participants came from as far afield as the UK for the jousting tournament.

Other movies, such as The Hunger Games, have seen a resurgence of interest in archery.

Across the US, archery schools are reporting a surge in interest in archery dubbed "The Hunger Games Effect".

The Hunger Games, which grossed $9 million in Australia on its opening weekend, is expected to spark similar interest in the ancient sport, says Archery SA development officer Jason McCullough.

"We saw added interest after Robin Hood, Avatar and The Lord of the Rings," he said.


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