Justin Bieber Surprises a Fan at Prom, Beliebers on Twitter are Totally Happy for Her! (LOL)

Virginia teen Cady Eimer has been campaigning on http://onelesslonelyprom.com to convince Justin Bieber to escort her to her high school prom since February 2011 - the dance was this weekend, and while Justin Bieber couldn't show up in person, he did the next best thing and surprised her with a video message played at the dance...and an invitation for her and her sister to join him tomorrow at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas.

Here's a picture of Cady & friends at prom yesterday night:

Aaaaaand how do Beliebers on Twitter feel about this fan's good fortune?
• A) Happy for her! She's a fan just like them and caught a lucky break!
• B) Proud to stan such a flawfree child who so appreciates the fans who got him here~
C) Crying from jealousy, cyberbullying the shit out of @cadyeimer's twitter account, and vindictively grabbing at an opportunity to trash-talk Selena

If you picked "C," then...


Justin's manager even weighed in on the drama earlier tonight -

Selena will not be attending the Billboard Awards, as she is still filming her movie in Bulgaria.


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