Star Magazine remains delusional and accuses Josh Hutcherson of harassing Jennifer Lawrence

This is an odd one.

Star magazine claims Josh Hutcherson is harassing Jennifer Lawrence, his co-star in The Hunger Games.

The tabloid explains that Hutcherson is “still trying to boost his celebrity status,” so he’s supposedly “chasing” Lawrence.

“He’s really p-ssing her off,” alleges a Star “source,” adding, “He harasses her to go to dinner, and it stresses her out. And he gets annoyed when she turns him down.”


We know scandal-starved rags like Star want real life to be as conflict-oriented as The Hunger Games — but allegations that Hutcherson and Lawrence’s friendship is actually some weird, ugly power play really belong on the fiction shelf.

A source close to Hutcherson tells Gossip Cop it’s ”the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard”


Take a seat, Star.