Secret Sex Lives of Old Hollywood

I just finished the book Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars by Scotty Bowers with Lionel Friedberg about the man who was famous for setting up “tricks” for various celebrities in the 1940’s-1980’s. I found it quite scandalous and I figured some ONTDers would want to hear the gossip about their favorite Old Hollywood celebrities. So for the tl;dr crowd, I picked out the juiciest bits.

WARNING: Some of the material is kind of graphic and possibly disturbing. Safe pictures but NSFW text.


  • Katherine Hepburn was a complete lesbian and when not on set dressed quite mannish. Her relationship with Spencer Tracy was completely made up by the studio; they did not even really like each other. She preferred young dark-haired girls. The author described her as very intelligent but very cocky. Kate also had really bad skin, which is why the author was doubtful that she ever had a relationship with Howard Hughes (see below).
  • ·         Howard Hughes was “straight as an arrow” but was so paranoid about his health that he would only sleep with women who were immaculately clean and free from any spots or blemishes.
  • ·         Spencer Tracy was a good husband and a devoted father even though he preferred the company of men in the bedroom. He is described as being a “generous, good-hearted man.” He was also a big drinker.
  • ·         Errol Flynn was a real playboy and slept with a lot of women.  He preferred them to be very young; “I don’t care if she has to be eighteen, just as long as she looks and behaves like someone between, well, let’s say fourteen and sixteen.” He was also a raging alcoholic.
  • ·         The author didn’t know anything about the sexual habits of Rita Hayworth but he did say she was hardheaded, beautiful, talented, and also mean and stingy. Her brother was pretty hard up for money but she would never help him out.
  • ·         Actor Walter Pigeon was gay even though he was married.


  •    Carey Grant and Randalph Scott were both married but were long-time lovers and companions.  
  • ·         Vincent Price sometimes had a very happy (and sexless) marriage to his wife Coral Browne but both were completely gay.
  • ·         The Duke and Duchess of Windsor sometimes had sex and did really love each other but both preferred to sleep with members of the same sex (which is the real scandal behind the Duke giving up his rights to the throne).
  • ·         The author claims to have slept with Vivian Leigh and described her as “high strung and suffered from bipolar disorder” and said their affair was some of the best sex he’d ever had.
  • ·         British actor Peter Bull was also gay and had an obsession with teddy bears.
  • ·         The author claims to have assisted Kinsey with his studies on sexuality and to having assisted in him acquiring lots of pornography to study from the ex-King Farouk of England.
  • ·         The author also claims to have slept with Edith Piaf when she came to America.
  • ·         When Mae West was 67 she fell in love with a much younger “muscleman” named Paul whom she pampered and adored but ended up becoming controlling of. The author says “When dear old Mae died in November 1980 it was too late for Paul to start his own life all over again. By then he was a broken, beaten man.”
  • ·         The author says he set Desi Arnaz up with lots of women and hookers and one time at a party Lucille Ball yelled at him in public telling him to “stop pimping for [her] husband.” He also said “Nobody ever messed around with Lucille. Her temper equaled her charm.”
  • ·         Charles Laughton was gay and even though his wife Elsa Lanchester knew this, she stuck by his side the whole time because she was in love with him. One of the people he had an affair with was Tyrone Power. Charles didn’t like to bathe and often wouldn’t. The author also claims he once had a guy put his own feces on Charles’s sandwich and then slept with the guy.
  • ·         Elsa herself liked to sleep with young gay men and try to “turn them.”
  • ·         Tyrone Power was bisexual but preferred men. He was also into “golden showers” and having his partners defecate on him.
  • ·         Both John Carradine and his son David Carradine were into BDSM.
  • ·         Jack Ryan, the creator of Hot Wheels and the Barbie doll, was “addicted to women” and preferred them to be “young, slim, attractive….[and] endowed with really big boobs.” He had this weird thing he would do when a woman came by. He would have her listen his voice on a recording that told her to follow rose petals upstairs to the bedroom where he was waiting in a romantic room but was laying in a coffin. When she peaked inside, he would pop out and scare her. “That’s what John was into…surprising women and then jerking off while in the casket.” He then proceeded to wine and dine them and give them what some claimed was the best sex of their lives.
  • ·          Rock Hudson was super gay and his marriage to Phyllis Gates was a sham. He was also an alcoholic. Rock did not get along with James Dean.
  • ·         James Dean was bisexual but preferred men. The author describes him as “a very unpleasant young man” and said he was prissy, moody, and unpredictable.
  • ·         Montgomery Clift was also moody and temperamental and quite mean. And also gay.
  • ·         Anthony Perkins was “intensive, sensitive, and complex” and had sex with men but always “wanted someone different.”
  • ·         Actor Clifton Webb was also gay and lived with his mother his entire life.
  • ·         The author says he helped The Beatles find a place to stay in LA where the crazy fangirls couldn’t get to them. He described them as “the sweetest, nicest young men I had met in a long time.”
  • ·         The actress Carol Channing was terrified of germs and brought her own bottled water and food when she went to parties. He helped her in the custody battle for her son.
  • ·         Tennessee Williams (also gay) once wrote a story based on Scotty and his life in Hollywood but Scotty made him tear it up because it made him look like “the mother of all queens.”
  • ·         Actor Raymond Burr was gay.
  • ·         Actor Harold Lloyd was obsessed with taking 3-D nude photos of women.
  • ·         He set up various parties for Linda Lovelace to come give sex lessons too (including a bunch of elderly upper-class woman who wanted to learn how to give blowjobs).

 (Scotty Bowers, the author)

Source: Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars by Scotty Bowers with Lionel Friedberg