Slayvengers Post: After The Credits, Who Da Frak Was Dat?

Ever since 2008′s Iron Man, the Marvel movies have all featured cute little scenes after the end-credits which tease the next big Marvel movie. These scenes tend to feature some piece of comic-fetishist lore that causes fans to shriek while leaving the average civilian scratching their head. Iron Man introduced Nick Fury and the notion of “the Avengers initiative.” Iron Man 2 offered the first look at Thor’s hammer. Thor trotted out Fury again, this time introducing the Tesseract — a double-tease for Captain America and Avengers. In turn, Captain America just ended with a full-on Avengers trailer. Now, Avengers has concluded with the most mythologically explosive — and potentially confusing — end-credits sequence yet. If you’re a Marvel neophyte desperate for an explanation — or if you’re a comic book fan looking for theories about what’s ahead — then read on.

(SPOILERS [& speculation] from here.)

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eaterCollapse )