Blind Items + Reveals!

Take a moment to relax, ONTD. You deserve it.

1. Which closeted — and married — actor almost had his cover blown when he hit on a straight man in a sauna? Word is the offended dude is now quite wealthy, thanks to a payoff. NY Daily News
REVEAL: John Travolta

2. Before he met George Michael, Kenny Goss is rumoured to have encountered which tubby Scientologist (and current National Enquirer target) in a LA sauna? PopBitch
REVEAL: a second helping of John Travolta, please

3. This actor has been under a lot of scrutiny about his sexuality. While he has been keeping a very low public profile (with the exception of a magazine cover here or there), he isn’t exactly sitting at home with the wife and kids night after night. In fact, he recently made an appearance at a WeHo gay bar with some male friends. They were swigging down drinks and cracking jokes about a certain organization to which he belongs. No, the organization is not The Hair Club for Men. Blind Gossip
REVEAL: Unbelievable!! John Travolta pulls a blind item reveal hat trick! The crowd goes wild!

4. Which blonde bombshell celebrity is obsessed with Mitt Romney? Although she has never identified her political beliefs publicly (that we’re aware of), she apparently is in love with the candidate and told friends that if he becomes president, she someday plans on becoming his “Marilyn Monroe.” BuzzFoto
My Guess: Kate Upton, makes sense because her uncle is Republican senator Fred Upton. Gurl, aim higher. All you'll get out of Mitt is vanilla sex (missionary position, lights off, eyes closed, t-shirt on, and silence) and maybe a tall glass of milk. So... enjoy that.

5. Which blonde actress and mother of two doesn’t get invited to her friends’ Malibu beach parties any longer because she’s a HUGE flirt? The currently unwed star is in a relationship, but that has never stopped her from making advances and pawing all over her girlfriend’s husbands and dates before! National Enquirer
My Guess: Pamela Anderson being desperate