This week Niall Horan’s ex-girlfriend Holly Scally became the victim of a cruel internet rumour that said she had died of cancer.
Holly isn’t the only girl associated with One Direction who has suffered abuse over the social networks, and a source close to Niall told The Irish Sun that the singer won’t be pleased to hear about the latest bullying.
''This is just some sick hoax - Holly is absolutely fine. She went out with Niall for a while years ago but now has girls giving her abuse online every day of the week,” the insider said.
''Niall won't be happy to hear how far some of these fans have gone with someone who knew him before all of this.''

What do you make of the disgusting behaviour aimed at Holly and other 1D girlfriends and exes? Have any thoughts on what could be done to prevent cyber bullying?

Well, she slammed Niall while defending herself, so Niall should give no fucks. 



Niall Horan’s always had a reputation for being One Direction’s cheekiest member.

And now the Irish cutie – who’s just finished touring America, Australia and New Zealand with the 1D boys – has been poking fun at Olly Murs after he told his Twitter followers he was squaring-up for a boxing match against his personal trainer.

‘Sparring with @1georgiekean today down in EAST LONDON!! Gloves are on… Fancy my chances… Lol,’ wrote Olly, 27, yesterday.

Of course naughty Niall, 18, couldn’t resist making a jokey comment.

‘@ollyofficial olly you wouldnt knock snow off a rope! hahahaha,’ he quipped before adding, ‘i’ll take ya on!’


About Niall:

Name: Niall James Horan
Age: 18
DOB: September 13, 1993
Star Sign: Virgo
Home Town: Mullingar, Ireland
Favourite Film: Grease
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole
Man Crush : Michael Buble
Bet you didn’t know: He’d rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise.
Turn-ons: Hot pants, farting and being funny.
Turn-offs: Birkenstock sandals, Disney films and granny cardigans.

Niall is a loyal and faithful boyfriend if he likes them.
On a date he would wear a pair of jeans, black shoes, a shirt and a blazer, plus a quick squirt of aftershave.
His perfect girl would be someone who can take a bit of banter and she has to be hot.
He’s a closet chav.
He loves to fart. He can clear a room in seconds with the foul smell.

Questions answered by Niall :

Best thing about being a boy? Chasing all the girls!
Best thing about being in One Direction? That we all get along.
Best cure for One Direction infection? Go to the doctor and get a jab.
Favourite aftershave: Armani Mania.
Favourite grooming product: L’Oreal Homme Wax and Clay.
PJ’s, pants or nothing in bed? Pants.
Bath or shower? Shower.
What mobile phone do you have? I have an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry.
What do you cuddle up to at night? Recently Louis, ‘cos he’s started sleepwalking and got into my bed when we were sharing a room in a hotel. I pushed him on the floor and he sat up, put his arms out and started humming the song from The Jungle Book. It’s only recently that he’s started doing it.
What kind of boyfriend are you?
I’m nice. I’d treat a girl well and I would buy her presents and take her to nice places.

Are you a loyal boyfriend or do you have a roving eye?
If I really, really like them, then I’m loyal.

What would you wear to go on a date?
A pair of jeans, black shoes, a shirt, a blazer, plus a quick squirt of aftershave.

What would you like your date to wear?
Just something that looks nice. It would be nice if she made an effort.

If the rest of the band didn’t like your date, would that put you off, even if you really liked her?
Yeah it would, because if we all went out they’d have to get on. It’s like being in the band- we all have to get on, or it won’t work.

Where would you go on a date?
Maybe somewhere like Nandos? I think a big fancy restaurant might scare her off on a first date, so I’d go somewhere chilled.

Would you pay for everything or share the bill?
I’d definitely pay for everything.

Would your date get a kiss at the end of the night?
Yeah, but I’d just give her a peck on the cheek- keep ‘em keen!

Would you take her number? And would you call or text?
Yeah I’d take her number but I wouldn’t call straight away. I might text the day after though.

What makes a good girlfriend?
I like someone who can take a bit of banter, and she has to be hot.

Is there a certain type of girl that you go for?
I don’t mind- they can be blonde, as long as they’re not blonde, if you get me!

Is it scary or exciting being surrounded by screaming girls?
Sometimes it gets a bit scary when they’re pulling at you.


If I got a girlfriend, I’d feed her playfully all of the time. — Niall Horan
I used to have an imaginary friend named Michael. — Niall Horan
There’s no towels in this place, so we use toilet roll! — Niall Horan
PO-TA-TO! — Niall Horan
Liam, shut up. I’m trying to do an interview. — Niall Horan
One time, Niall sat on the floor for hours trying to find a way of putting his M&M’s in alphabetical order. — Louis Tomlinson
Niall is the perfect prank target. — Harry Styles
After Niall met Justin Bieber, I had to take him out of the studio so he could scream. — Harry Styles
The stuff that people were saying about him was just disgusting. No one wants to read that about themselves. [about Harry] — Niall Horan
Red bull doesn’t give you wings. It just makes you sick. — Niall Horan
I hate it when girls act stupid ’cause they think it’s cute. Intelligence is sexy. — Niall Horan
The other day, Niall was trying to sing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in Spanish. I stared at him like a dummy because he did it very well. — Harry Styles
“‘Because I’m Irish”-Niall Horan
“I want to live forever! I want to learn how to fly – high!”-Niall Horan
"How about sweets for breakfast?"-Niall Horan
"I hate it when girls act stupid ’cause they think it’s cute. Intelligence is sexy."-Niall Horan


Niall's solos:


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