Meagan Fox's Publicist Cuts Interview Short When Baby is Mentioned

Despite swirling pregnancy rumors Megan Fox, she's refusing to confirm or deny any speculations about her alleged baby bump.

During an “Entertainment Tonight” interview with the "Transformers" star, Megan laughed off the awkward transition to babies but her publisher didn't think it was too funny and immediately cut off the interview with British TV Personality Steve Jones.

Jones started off the interview by talking the brunette babe about her new gig as the face of The Sharper Image, and after asking Fox what her favorite gadget is he wittingly said, “Do you know the ultimate gadget that every man wants? A baby.”

Looking a little stumped Fox questioned, “A baby?” then added, “Oh, I know where you’re going with this …”

Surprisingly, Fox first encouraged, "Alright go, go what do you wanna know?" but her publicist jumped in when Jones asked, “Any plans to give anybody a baby?”

Before the interview was officially cut off Fox warned Jones about her publicists saying, "You already hear the grumbles... No, no".

The 25-year-old actress dodged the questions about her expected first child with husband Brian Austin Green when her publicist was heard telling Jones, “Stop, stop. Sorry, no.”