Focusing on Anne Hathaway's Catwoman

"The Dark Knight Rises" trailer was unleashed in a viral storm on Monday night, and while fanboys and Internet trolls can't escape the gloom of the clip, we've noticed some awesome new things about Anne Hathaway.

As Selina Kyle and her lethal alter-ego Catwoman, Hathaway has already commanded quite a bit of attention as she slips into the role famously inhabited by actresses such as Michelle Pfieffer, Halle Berry and Julie Newmar EARTHA KITT????

The first images of her catsuit drummed up a lot of conversation a while back, and now a new trailer reveals some exciting details, such as ...

Cat scratch fever: It's definitely a tease, but around 1:55 we get to see Hathaway swinging away, punching and kicking and being a badass. While we can't tell if she's swatting off thugs alongside Batman or causing the hero more trouble, it brings us to...

Ambiguous Anne: Teaser trailers painted a very condescending Selina Kyle, taunting Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne and looming like a villain on her bulky motorcycle. But the extended trailer suggests that Catwoman always looks out for No. 1, and if that means teaming with the Dark Knight for survival, so be it.

Love Triangle!? Wearing her kitty ears, Catwoman pleads with a broken Batman to abandon Gotham, insisting he's given its citizens enough. And her mannerisms give the slightest suggestion that he should abscond with her. In another moment, Batman is out of his batsuit and into Wayne's Wall Street suspenders, kissing on Marion Cotillard. Please, please tell us we get to see these two ladies catfight?

Catchphrase: "My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men." Well played.

i haven't read the comics so i'm just gonna sit here and pray for a bruce x selina bad romance
and ngl i'm inching towards team anne rn