10 Shows That Are Better When Viewed As One Long Lazy Marathon

It was announced this week that NBC will be airing the last three episodes of “Community” on one night. Over on Warming Glow Dustin asked if you can handle that much Troy, Abed & Co. B*tch, please, that’s amateur hour (and a half). In an age of Hulu, Netflix Instant and On Demand television, we’re quite accustomed to watching shows in huge greedy chunks. “Just one more” is the rallying cry of the serious TV watcher. And despite the fact that the weather is nicer and Mother Nature is beckoning, summer is one of my favorite times to marathon a new show or rewatch an old favorite. Here are a few suggestions on how to spend your warm summer nights. No, before you ask, these are not just my favorite shows. They’re also not just shows that you should see, though, of course, you should. They’re shows that engage in the kind of storytelling that really is improved when watched marathon-style. So grab your friends, a themed beverage and some snacks and settle in for a long winter’s summer’s watch.

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OP Note: I bolded shit for the tl;dr crowd and that's the longest text in the post. And personally I'd add the BBC Pride & Prejudice, even though it's only 6 hours. ALL THE HOT COLIN FIRTH YOU COULD ASK FOR.