12:31 am - 05/02/2012


omg :')

The Backstreet Boys-New Kids On the Block supergroup performed at London’s O2 arena over the weekend, letting members of One Direction and The Wanted know that anything is possible—even after 25. During BSB’s solo set, the four performers—soon to be rejoined by the tall, dark and handsome one—set out to prove their love for the hometown crowd and the male performers they helped paved the way for by playing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” Perhaps it was just the audio engineer’s chance to find the backing tracks for a classic like “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” or the fact that the O2 has kept 1D on hand for any and all events since early 2011, but the sounds of the 2012?s group du jour filled the massive stadium just as Backstreet entered the crowd, searching for lucky fans to bring up on stage. (Niall approves!) A a surreal moment of boy band serendipity if there ever was one. But if you’re going to tempt us with that song…

The fan serenade is always the teensiest bit awkward, isn’t it? Thankfully the lyrical knowledge of these ladies helps cure any sense of discomfort. A lot has changed since this original video yet we find ourselves feeling verklempt all over again even, if we know the majority of these guys are married with babies on the way. But simulating a marriage proposal? Now that’s just cruel. At least Nick is generous with the cheek-kissing (paving the way for yet another male heartthrob of today!).

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