12:43 am - 04/30/2012

Plan B Says Parents Should Try Drugs

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Plan B believes parents should experiment with some drugs so they can educate their children about the dangers and effects.

Plan B advises parents to try drugs in order to teach their kids about them.

The singer-and-rapper - who has previously admitted to once smoking heroin but not enjoying it - thinks the best way to educate children about the dangers of drug use is to talk about it from an experienced perspective.

He said: ''One way of educating yourself about drugs is doing them. It's true! You wanna learn about warn your kids off, smoke a spliff, experience it!

''It's unhealthy to reject all drugs. They're in our society, commonly used, you need to understand them to protect your kids from them.''

Plan B - real name Ben Drew - was exposed to drugs from an early age growing up in the rough Forest Gate area of East London, where he remembers drug addicted prostitutes who looked ''like diseased zombies'' who would ask his mother for money.

In an interview with Q magazine, the 'Ill Manors' rapper recalled: ''I'd go, 'Mum, what was wrong with that person?' and she'd go, 'That's a drug addict, that's why you should never do drugs.' So I had an understanding.''


IA with him to a certain extent tbh
hoot 30th-Apr-2012 11:50 am (UTC)
LOL I feel the same way. My mom was in rehab at 13 for drinking/drugs and my dad was kicked out of the house many times when he was caught with drugs. I on the other hand was a huge computer nerd in high school who spent my free time building NSYNC fan sites, lol.
londonsquare 2nd-May-2012 06:24 am (UTC)
Jesus christ are you me? My dad did a ton of ridiculous shit and my mum did some drugs and the like, but yeah I didn't smoke my first joint until I was 20. My early days were writing NSYNC fiction and reading parodies and playing the stupid phone game on my computer.
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