Move over, Sarah: who did I meet today at the Avengers premiere??

(I'm tagging because it's not a proper guess who anyway; whatever) OK, so, long story short, I went to the Avengers premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival today and I showed up at like 9:30 AM and hung around all day chatting with nerds and then people showed up and it was amazeballs:

Clark Gregg and gorgeous wife Jennifer Grey.

MARK! He was SO sweet: I thanked him for his Occupy Wall Street tweets (since I was reading them when I was downtown stirrin' shit) and he was like "oh great!" and patted my arm. D'awww!

( friend didn't know how to zoom out on my camera. LOLZ.)

Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam!

I LOVE HIM. He's so, SO nice--I told him that we have the same birthday (which is true) and he was joking with me about it and being all friendly. Stanning forever t b q h

jfc Tom why are you the way that you are

Haters can feel free to fall into the abyss of space kbye

HE'S SO TALL. JESUS. He showed up at the same time as Tom and I was like "your brother's trying to upstage you!" and Tom's like "well, he's taller and more handsome!" HEE

They were so, so cute together. Best bromance ever. I have run completely out of evens to can.

...That was the best pic of this troll motherfucker that I could get, because he just legit saw us, nodded approvingly at our fangirlish screams, signed a few autographs and then swaggered off without taking pics with anyone. He's so ridiculous. I love him so much. He was really close to me and I was like "hey, you like my [arc reactor] shirt?" and he just smirked. LAWD.

And random Michael J. Fox!

But no Joss, Sam, Evans, Scarlett or Renner. DDDDDDDD;: I was so sad. The security guy said they weren't coming and I howled "BUT I LOVE [RENNER]! Does he know that?!" and he was just like "...I don't think so." Heh.

(moar pics and my scary uncovered face, plus further stories of how I got sassy with Tom [he knelt down to sign a poster and I was all "I thought we were supposed to be kneeling TROLOLOLOL~"] and gave him M&M's and stuff at my journal, if you care. Also, steal that gif if you want it; I made it for my userinfo)

source: me & my profound lack of shame