Stalker Sarah shades ONTD on Twitter, doesn't seem to like us for some reason

ONTD's fave celeb stalker was very happy with Jezebel's post about her on Thursday. Although ONTD detectives have explored the complexities of Sarah's life in greater detail, and have disputed such facts as her "age," it was a good article, so good that when ONTD put our version up, it got suspended with a copyright violation and vague threat of legal action.

Sarah RT'd the article that she refused to give any interviews for last night with "Love this story, its the closest yet." (I will never comprehend her ~mystery)

Inquiring minds wanted to know why she ignored ONTD, the capital of playful (maybe?) Stalker Sarah hatred and incredulity.

"I think the ONTD articles and comments have really explored your character though," I an intrepid ONTD-er tweeted back, not expecting a response since I they were blatantly trolling.

But by some divine blessing, Sarah chose to respond, with, "Same trashy comments, just different place."

Trashy comments? Here? Girl...

What do you think, ONTD?
Are our comments "trashy"?
Why does Stalker Sarah dislike our posts about her so much?
Why won't she pose with fan signs?
What is this 'different place' she speaks of?



May you videobomb many 1D vids in the future...ONTD believes in you.