Rihanna Makes Strange Noises During TIME 100 Performance

When Rihanna was named among TIME’s 100 Most Influential People it was clearly because of her fashion and not her singing. If you disagree with that view then simply watch her acoustic performance of ‘We Found Love’ at the TIME 100 Gala where she embarrassed herself in the packed venue.

However, all was not lost as Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ rendition was somewhat better than her showing at An Unforgettable Evening where she ruined Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. Watch her performance at the TIME 100 Gala below:


Rihanna is definitely not on the list of singers who should ever try singing without a backtrack and bright lights to distract us from their voices. Listening to her sing ‘We Found Love’ acoustically was really a painful experience as she was battling to push the notes through her nose and had absolutely no clue how to interpret the song.

Additionally, Rihanna just can’t use vocal runs. She has no understanding of her range and all she did during this showing was force her brassy voice to go in all the wrong directions. Didn’t her vocal coach tell her how to use runs during their last Skype chat or did he have her call on mute to block out her noise?


Rihcist's pitch is definitely (for a change) on point, but for all those saying it's not bad, read the explanation. Her vocals are so nasal and every note is forced out like she's taking a scheiße. She's just not a good singer, sorry. :(