The Frumpening: 8 Ways Hollywood Hopes To Make You Forget You're Watching A Movie Star

When they’re not selling you lavish costume dramas or fast-paced, eat that popcorn with a shovel action, sometimes Hollywood wants to tell you a real story. Not one about about queens, hammer wielding gods and lethal assassins, but one about, like, real people man. People like you and me and your somewhat slovenly neighbor! But, for the most part, Hollywood ain’t populated with us, it’s populated with people who have waxed, pilated and tanned themselves into demigod condition. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting those juicy “real people” roles too. So shove off Giamatti, let the pretty people have a shot for once. Here, from worst to best, are 8 attempts to make you forget you’re watching a star.

Because looking ugly means OSCARCollapse )


Fake Hollywood ugly post! Bring it. Also, in before "lmao s/he is ugly even without trying".