New Britney music soon? Irrelevant Band says she's contacted them.

Metronomy is an indie pop group made up of Joseph and Oscar, hailing from the UK and formed all the way back in 1999. Joseph has remixed several major artists including Lady Gaga's 'You + I' and work for Franz Ferdinand, but together as a band they've released 3 studio albums, including their most recent, The English Riviera. MTV News recently had the chance to catch up with the boys before their gig in Indio, California at the legendary Coachella Music Festival to talk music, Coldplay and Britney Spears.

"We've been to so many music festival's that it's difficult to get really enthusiastic about them anymore," says Joseph with a laugh, referencing the band's turn on the Coachella stage. "But then, having said that, everyone we talk to is like 'Coachella is amazing' - I think we might be playing on the same day as Snoop and Dr. Dre, it'll be nice to catch up with them, been a while."

The band was just announced as the opening act on Coldplay's upcoming tour - we asked them how they feel about getting the chance to play with arguably the biggest British band in the world (right now).

"We're going on tour with The Coldplays!" jokes Joseph. *The Coldplays, orly? Nvr hurrd of them.) "For us it's just going to be crazy to play such big venues, and God knows what their fans will think of us." adds Oscar.

Are there any bands that Metronomy would like the chance to work with?

"Britney Spears is getting in contact!" jokes Oscar. "You never say no to Britney Spears, I'm trying to think of who else, really. That's probably it."

Finally, how have the boys been enjoying Canada? What do they like about the Great White North?

"We quite like coming here, really. We've had a wonderful time. We went up the [CN] Tower today, Oscar got very scared of the glass floor. We've got everything we need here."

For more from our chat with Metronomy, catch the full piece below.

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