Justin Bieber Knows About Your Nickname for his Penis

Justin in the studio for his Capital interview:

full-length interview @ Capital:

tl;dw highlights:
• @1:30 adds a unicorn to his tour rider
• @2:45 fails @ puns ("what do gnomes eat? i don't GNOME")
• @3:00 discusses his fan base's name for his dick
• @4:10 demonstrates his superb (read: horrible) english accent
• @4:30 explains what listeners should expect from his next album
• @4:55 talks Boyfriend video & makeup
• @5:55 describes hitting Siva from The Wanted in the nuts
• @7:30 is sniffed and found to smell like ~*~magic~*~

&another Capital interview:

• @0:45 suspects vaguely that The Wanted might want to get him drunk
@1:25 re: Jerry - "my fans are kind of inappropriate...but it's funny."/"Jerry just seems a little bit...like who's Jerry?"
• @4:15 explains his love for Buzz Lightyear ("well he thinks he can fly, and I think I can fly"), raps about Woody ("I'm gonna throw my lasso like Woody/so good-y/I got my hoodie...")

leaving the station (omfg @ the fan latched on to his shirt tbh)

&also he gave an interview (and apparently his shoes) to a fansite this afternoon:

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