Game of Thrones' Richard Madden stays true to character, Alfie Allen wants to be Arya (bow)

Editor’s Note: Journalist Maria Murriel had the opportunity to attend a press junket with a few of the cast members of HBO’s Game of Thrones recently. Today she shares with us part of her interviews with Richard Madden (Robb Stark) and Alfie Allen, including why Allen would have loved to play the role of Arya Stark and how Madden sometimes forgets she’s not his real sister. 

I couldn’t believe the text my editor sent me:

Ack, last-minute question! Are you available to attend a roundtable with the Game of Thrones folks tomorrow?”

What?! Hell yes, I’m available!

And so I covered the event for the Miami New Times, and found that Allen would have loved to play Arya Stark.

“It’s so boring, though,” he whined, “because everyone really likes her. I love Arya, but [she’s] everyone’s choice. I love Arya’s character.”

He also said he would have liked to play Melisandre of Asshai or Tyrion Lannister. But he’s happy to play such a “complex character” as Theon Greyjoy, and he’s having fun with it.

One reporter asked him how uncomfortable it was to film scenes like "The Night Lands'" boat scene, to which he replied as though the question were ridiculous and inconceivable. He did not, in fact, find such scenes uncomfortable.

“I love it!” he laughed, “Definitely not [uncomfortable], man, it’s great! If you’re going to do these things, you’ve got to enjoy ‘em.”

To be fair, he did say he thought his cohort in the scene in question was “brilliant.”

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