Trey Songz wants to stop Storage Wars' guy's use of the word YUP & he has a new song w/ Iggy Azalea

TMZ reports that Trey Songz has asked a judge to void David Hester's trademark on the term "YUUUP!", because he had it first.

Songz has counter-sued Hester (as of April 2) in their ongoing legal battle over the trademark of the term. They both claim to have the trademark and sell merchandise with the word on it, according to documents filed in New York.

Hester originally sued in 2011, and asked a judge to let him continue selling merchandise even though Songz sent him a cease and desist letter.

Songz claims he has had the trademark since 2009, while Hester filed for his in 2011. He wants a judge to void Hester's trademark and award him damages. Be sure to check out the video in the link above.


In addition to T.I. and her Hustle Gang family, the “Murda Bizness” rapper has collaborated with Trey Songz on “Waste It All,” a cut off her upcoming debut The New Classic. “I did do a song with Trey Songz that’s kind of unexpected,” she told The Boombox. “The beat, and the way he sings, it’s kind of different [from] his regular style. I’m going to put that out, probably before the album.”

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