Zefron's Mom Won't Talk to Him + Full Punk'd Ep

Zefron talks Condom-gate



Watch! Zac Efron on the Verge of Tears as He Gets 'Punk'd' by Hayden Panettiere

Good boy Zac Efron has a run-in with the law on tonight's episode of Punk'D as Hayden Panetierre and some of his buddies trick him into thinking he's going to jail after a hit and run.
Zac is startled when he sees that he and his friends are being followed by cops, who ask them to pull over. His one friend Andrew is in contact with Hayden, who tells him to throw a tantrum and get in a cop's face. This obviously gets Zac worried.
"Oh my God, this is how it ends," he mumbles in the back seat of the car as he realizes that he might get thrown into jail. 
Eventually the cops ask Zac to step out of the car and put his hands on the hood as they ask him if he and his friends were involved in an accident.
"No. Oh my God," he says, pleading with the police. "We stopped at a stop sign and some lady threw a bag of dog poo at us. Absolutely not a hit and run. We did not hit anybody." 
But when Andrew confesses that they struck an old lady with their car, Zac freaks, before realizing that he just got PUNK'D! 

(Watch from 3:11)


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