Anton Yelchin at his first solo exhibition at Bullett Magazine ;___;

Anton Yelchin’s parents have a lot to be proud of. At 23 years old, their son -- who still lives with mom and dad in the Valley -- has appeared in two mega franchises (Terminator, Star Trek), and has led a bunch of smaller projects to the indie-film promised land (Like Crazy, Charlie Bartlett). But last night, at the Dilettante gallery on the Los Angeles city limits, Yelchin’s heavily-accented, Russian immigrant folks couldn’t stop talking about their son’s photography. “He’s been taking pictures since he was ten,”  Mrs. Yelchin told us. She mentions one he took of her husband as a dark silhouette on a balcony, smoke wafting from his mouth. “It’s the most beautiful picture he’s ever taken,” she said. [oh lord this is gonna be pretentious, isn't it]

We don’t want to question Mrs. Yelchin -—she gave birth to the boy -— but it’s hard to argue against the photos Yelchin shot for our Spring Obsessed issue, the same ones that were on display and on sale last night, with all proceeds going towards the Trevor Project. Before the crowds poured in to Dilettante’s downtown LA gallery space, and they did, Yelchin scanned through the photos one last time, and smoothed the edge brought on by his first solo exhibition with the help of a bottle of Becks [lol]. He reminisced about his life as a photographer, away from the flashbulbs of Hollywood, and in dark rooms, teaching himself how to develop prints. “I remember I spent so long working on this one picture I took of my ex-girlfriend to give to her on her birthday,” he told us. “ I don’t even know if she liked it.  It’s probably in two pieces somewhere.”

Guests who trickled in out and of the space all night included Yelchin’s "Alpha Dog" costar Emile Hirsch (who spent a healthy amount of time chatting up two enamored blondes),"Hangover" star Justin Bartha, Lana Del Rey boy toy Bradley Soileau (who just made the permanent move to LA a few days ago), Porcelain Black, Jamie van Dyke, and Matthew Gray Gubler [MGG, get away while you still can]. A DJ set by The Embassy kept the party dancing downstairs, while movie-heads donned Eskuche headphones and checked out programming upstairs. The whole thing was lovey-dovey, and not because the endless supply of Bushmills and Beck’s had everyone feeling lightheaded —- it did -— but because we set up a hot pink altar that let everyone relive their prom night or shotgun wedding; it was their choice. As the crowd surged to capacity, we lost sight of the elder Yelchins. Maybe they went back to the Valley, maybe they were still there, chatting someone else up about their talented son.

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wryyy anton, wryyyyyyy
I mean it's great that all the proceeds go to charity but wryyyyyyyyy
And while filming Star Trek, too???

Why did you make something beautiful just to break it, God?