Marina and the Diamonds on Lorraine

Marina and the Diamonds has revealed that her new album Elektra Heart is about "heartbreak".

The singer - real name Marina Diamandis - described her second studio LP as a "personal" project.

"It's a bit cringe, but I wanted it to be a way of personifying love and heartbreak," she told ITV1'sLorraine.

"The whole campaign is pink and fluffy, it's about love. I can never just make up a story, it has to be something that's happened in my life."

On the inspiration behind the album's style and her fashion choices for the project, she said: "It's inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Marie Antoinette.

"[Madonna is] a fearless person, she's been knocked down so many times. For someone to keep going, it shows that they don't want to just have fame and success, they want to be a successful artist."

Diamandis also praised Katy Perry, whom she recently toured with as her supporting act.

"[The tour was] phenomenal. She is really incredible. She created this cartoon-like image, but she's quite serious. She's incredible live, I got to see a big pop production up close so it was wonderful for me."


Primadonna live below: