Because Tacky Purses At Outlet Malls Aren't Enough...

It seems there is no stopping Authentic Brands Group, who owns the image rights of Marilyn Monroe, from tarnishing it's own brand. ABG joins Entertainment One in a new reality show called "Finding Marilyn," which will feature 12 young women competing for a chance to make it big in Hollywood. The show is being described as "real-life Cinderella story."

"We are thrilled to give the winner of 'Finding Marilyn' the opportunity to emulate Marilyn Monroe's iconic journey to stardom," Nick Woodhouse, CMO of the estate of Marilyn Monroe, said in a statement.

"We're very excited to make someone's Hollywood dream come true," John Morayniss, CEO of Entertainment One Television, said in a statement. "'Finding Marilyn' has all the ingredients for an epic reality series."

Marilyn fans are frustrated with ABG, especially since the company recently went through Facebook deleting many fan-based Marilyn pages. ABG bought the rights of Marilyn Monroe in 2011.

what is this "iconic journey to stardom" bullshit?! brb, grabbing my Marilyn Monroe lighter...