Guess who?

Or, The Night I Met the Most Charming Man in Hollywood EVAH!

Mods, this is my first time submitting a post to ONTD so I bow to your greatness and forgiveness if I totally bork this.

First, this!

Let me just say that the opportunities life gives you is amazing. That said, it gave me a great one when I had the chance to go to L.A. and visit a friend this week. As you may know there was this kinda sorta huge premiere thingy going on at the El Capitan theatre. I think it was some sort of movie with a bunch of super heroes?


Our goal and we chose to accept it was to stan the Avengers premiere in Hollywood because we are total fangirls.

That was amazing. We lined up outside the barricade early in the morning with a bunch of lovely ladies! I could give a bazillion Twitter names, but that's not what this post is about. They are all wonderful, amazing people and spending time with them with sore feet and rainy weather made it worth it!

But, back to the point of this post: the friend I am staying with works in the industry (bless you, Hollywood) and surprise! Got two tickets from a friend to the Avengers premiere and after party. The definition of surreal came to mind... Anyways, fast shopping for a dress and ridiculously high heels and we left the barricade wait-for-celebs-to-appear to change clothes. I'm sure many people were wondering where we went, but we couldn't exactly shout from the rooftops our luck. Didn't want to cause issues, yanno?

Anyways, we got back there just in time to see the Most Charming Man in Hollywood arrive. He's tall, ya'll. Really, really ridiculously and gloriously tall. He was at the point in the barricade where our friends where signing autographs, accepting an ADORABLE poster another friend made, taking photos... it was glorious to see him giving them so much attention. My heart kinda felt sad I wasn't there with them, to be honest. I'm sure that's an experience in itself and I would like to experience it again! We walked past, I heard my nickname and I waved. We were kinda rushed on through to the side, but still on the red carpet. I could totally get used to the red carpet... He walked on down and was posing for photos, doing interviews, etc. while we were ushered to the waiting area just in front of the theatre. Again, really surreal moment here. We hang out for a few, give our cell phones and camera's to the folks checking them in to baggies, and in to the theatre we go! So, uh, yea... The Avengers is one hell of a movie. It's amazing and dgkagdglkahsdglkhasklhdglkasla!!! That's all I'll say about that!

Afterwards, back in the lobby and we saw 23,456,702,375,209 beautiful people (read: celebrities) and both of us were wondering how the fuck do we belong here?! We get ushered/escorted out, to the after party....So many awesome people and awesome food. IF I COULD HAVE EATEN! Nerves suck. Anyways, the Most Charming Man in Hollywood is our goal to find and we see him. After politely waiting and waiting, not wanting to interrupt and then finally realizing that he'll never be free because he's the Most Charming Man in Hollywood, we make our move...

Tom Hiddleston lives up to the Most Charming Man in Hollywood title. Fifteen minutes spent talking with him and you will realize you want world peace. I told him that he inspires so many people with his words (and silliness) on Twitter and he told me he did not know that and thanked me for telling him. And then he told me after a conversation about Glowing Green Smoothies that I was a beautiful lady. My day, my week, my year, MY LIFE has been made.

Also, sorry hubby, I love you, but Tom Hiddleston is the most perfect, geeky, adorkable man alive. And gives the best hugs and jeebus he smells good. And yes, his skin IS that perfect. And I don't know how the fuck he's able to play an evil villain like Loki. That is probably the greatest mystery of the universe. So, yea...

Also got his autograph, met Joss Whedon (got a pic) and told him he was a genius, Alexander Skaarsgard (also really, really tall), and met Cobie Smulders's parents who asked us if Tom was in War Horse and they also thought he was ridiculously charming, nice, sweet...the list of awesome adjectives could go on!

Unless Tom kicks a puppy at some point in the future, I will forever stan for this man for all the right reasons.

SOURCE: personal experience