Blind Items

Busy day here at Blind Item Headquarters

1. This couple has supposedly been happily married for over a year. When they got married, they were both at their peak, and they played the part of the celebrity couple to the hilt. My, how things have changed! He has fallen on hard times, and she is not handling it well. She married him because he was famous and successful and a winner and she wanted to have his children. In her eyes, he is no longer holding up his end on any of these things. So, she is already setting him up for The Big D (Divorce). Not that she will get her hands dirty. She is letting her friends and her publicist feed negative items about him to the tabloids and the blogs and the mainstream press… so that she can bounce out of the swirl of ugliness with a bundle of money and her reputation intact. Blind Gossip
My Guess: Lamar Odom being dropped from Dallas (The Big D) and Khloe Kardashian leaking to magazines how he's been "moody" and "depressed" lately. As soon as Lamar's checks stop rolling in, you know Pimp Mama Kris is going to make Khloe cash out.

2. Which D-list actor shocked a roomful of strangers when he announced he had to have his hemorrhoids surgically removed? The 30-something star, who’s more famous for his quickie marriage to a D-list TV actress and being the son of a Hollywood playboy, didn’t get the reaction he was looking for because no one recognized him! National Enquirer
My Guess: Ashley Hamilton (briefly married to Shannon Dougherty, son of George Hamilton) or as he's more commonly known, who?

3. These two costars from a hit network television are both closeted, but very much in love. They have not acted on their feelings, but spend all of their time together. Last week, one star told the other he was willing to risk everything to come out together as a couple. As a result of this confession, the other star has broken off the relationship and refuses to acknowledge or spend any more time with the man he is in love with. Both men are heartbroken. BuzzFoto
My Guess: 2 guys from Gossip Girl, take your pick. In any case, I find this really sad :(