IsAnyoneUp Creator: If You're Cyberbullied, Just Kill Yourself

26-year-old Hunter Moore is creator of revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp, that allows people to submit nude photos of celebrities & normal people.

The Village Voice has an excellent cover story about 26-year-old Hunter Moore, creator of the gross NSFW revenge porn site Is Anyone Up, which offers a venue for spurned lovers and hackers to dump people's private nude pictures, which he posts along with their full name and a screenshot of their Facebook profile.

"People are probably going to want to fucking kill me after I say this. But if you are quote-unquote being cyber-bullied, you should just fucking kill yourself."

"I do not want anybody to ever be hurt by my site-physically. I don't give a fuck about emotionally. Deal with it. Obviously, I'd get a ton of heat for it. But-I'm gonna sound like the most evil motherfucker-let's be real for a second: If somebody killed themselves over that? Do you know how much money I'd make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money."

The more traffic I'd have that day, I'm going to get paid for. So if someone fucking killed themselves? Do you know how much hate I'd get? All the Googling, all the redirects, all, like, the press I'd get paid for, for that day. And whatever."

"But these kids...who are getting called a 'faggot' from a couple bullies at school? They're just weak-minded people. The shit I went through? Fucking 10,000 times worse than these fucking kids—the kid who made that video who went viral?"—he's talking about Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old Lady Gaga fan from Buffalo who made an It Gets Better video but then took his own life—"Are you fucking kidding me? He's, like, a good-looking kid. Who got called a fag every day? There's something wrong, I feel."

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TL;DR version: He is a sociopathic asshole.