Flawless Ingrid Michaelson Performs With Flawless PS22 Chorus

Ingrid Michaelson performed her new single Blood Brothers with the famous PS22 Chorus to help save the music with DoSomething.org's Battle For The Bands.

Check out our latest PSA for Battle of the Bands, featuring Ingrid Michaelson and P.S. 22 Chorus!

“When we sing we give out a lot of our passion and I think other people can feel it when we feel it,” says one student.

"Before I didn't know how to be myself, I couldn't speak from the heart. And now I can not only speak from the heart, I can sing from the heart," says another student.

Help save music education in schools! Submit your video until April 12th.

What's your fav PS22 video ONTD?