Even though yesterday's post was an April Fool's joke, I wasn't kidding! There's still a major change coming to ONTD...effective starting today.


Well, ONTD. The journey has been long. 2 years, in fact. For around 2 entire years, we've outlawed nudity in posts. Well, starting today...we're lifting the ban on nudity. Here's the fine print:

As long as it's under a cut, nudity can be uncensored in posts. For example, if this post were being made today, you wouldn't have to put the stars over her titties and you could embed all the NSFW ones! Just make sure to put all nudity under a cut and tag it appropriately.

AND JUST TO BE EXTRA CLEAR: Porn is still not allowed. Yes, it's exciting that we can put naked pics in posts again, but you still CAN NOT post porn in the comments.