I drafted this up on March 29, 2012 and scheduled it to post on April 1, 2012 at 1PM PST. I hope that worked…

ONTD has grown incredibly over the past couple of years and all of that success is largely because of you guys. Without our members, we wouldn't be ONTD. Since 2004, the members of ONTD have redefined comments across the web and we're going to change that once again. There have been rumors floating around that we would convert into a paid-only community. That was a consideration, however, we have found a way to keep it accessible to all by introducing some new guidelines.


ADVERTISER DEMANDS have grown beyond the berm of my control. Since we are still hosting advertising, we regrettably have to deny posts with conflicting interests of our sponsors. What does this mean? Every Monday, I will post of list of what's NOT allowed on ONTD.  One of our contracts with an advertising firm just expired, hence the delay on this announcement.

Here's this week's small list, for example:
  • We are promoting THE WANTED only, so ONE DIRECTION posts will no longer be accepted until further notice
  • LMFAO is banned until 4/30/12
  • Vampire Diaries is banned until further notice
In accordance with our advertisers, there will also be the following changes:
  • No more nudity, even censored. No more nip slips, dick posts, porn star posts.
  • No more profanities in posts. Comments are fine.

PERFORMANCE ISSUES. We've been directly responsible for LJ's heavy load times, so here are some changes that will help performance across the site:
  • GIFs will now be limited to 100kb. If a GIF is over 100kb, you will see an image placeholder (applicable to posts and comments)

MOD RULES.  There have been a lot of changes discussed behind the scenes, so here are some new rules the mods have decided on, as a team.
  • Goodbye, stans! Due to popular demand, the mods have finally decided to outlaw stan wars. Basically, if you bring up any sort of rivalry in a post that is completely unnecessary (i.e., if I said floptina is a fat fucking low life cow with a dead career pulling her down into an inevitably bloated end in a post about our light and saviour, Lady Gaga) you will be banned. This includes 'ironic' stanning. Lilo stans? Kimmy K stans? You are the weakest link, goodbye.
  • K-pop & J-pop posts are no longer allowed.  There are alternate communities for those.
  • Political and current events posts are no longer allowed.  ONTD is a community for celebrity gossip, not your personal soapbox for your issues with society or racism or sexism or classism or ageism or whatever other isms that exist.
  • Who???  We know it's fun to discover new music, but from now it somewhere else.  Only musical artists signed to major labels are acceptable. No more posts about 'unknown' artists, and the mods are free to use their discretion in deciding what constitutes 'unknown.'
  • Mod Notes.  Was your post just rejected?  Keep the snotty ass note to yourself.  If you resubmit with a mod note of any kind, you will be banned.

And finally......

SO LONG, MODS!  I have decided to demod a few of our favorites moderators.  It's just time we've moved on, so say farewell to ecctv, nessism and vehiclesshockme.  We will be on the lookout for new mods in the future, in the meantime, please excuse us if the site is a little slow on updating.

Yes, I realize this is the worst day to make serious announcements.
IDGAF go ahead and sound off because I'm not around to listen.