Paris Hilton Is Pregnant, Album cancelled

Today's Sydney - Day 3 post will not be happening as I must pick myself up from my puddle of tears and broken dreams to report the news which is a dagger to my heart. Questions arose after photos of Paris posing at Bondi emerged and some started wiggling their tongues. Paris Hilton's reps were contacted and this morning released a statement confirming the news. It was also announced that Paris' sophomore album will no longer be released as she will be focusing on motherhood...

Eww, as if! Jokes!

Album news!! As I assumed/hoped, the new single will be out in April! The album itself is currently in post production! All the vocals are done so it's just being mixed and mastered!


The video isn't embedding so watch it here - skip to 1:40 for Paris. She's nervous but also excited and hopes for people to see the hard work she put in!