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"Hilton And Lohan In Bar Brawl"

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan shocked patrons at Hollywood hotspot Hyde on Friday night by engaging in a furious row.

The socialite and her sister Nicky, faced-off against the Mean Girls star, who they claim interrupted their evening out with friends.

Hilton's representative Elliot Mintz explains, "Paris was having a conversation with a couple of friends.

"Lindsay approached her table and at that moment Paris felt she was being interrupted and didn't wish to speak to Lindsay.

"A couple of words were exchanged and Lindsay went back to her table.

"I can understand how other patrons in the club could have thought it had been a bigger deal than it actually was."

Sources tell website that the source of the tension may be because Lindsay has recently been on a publicity campaign for her new film Just My Luck and reportedly mentioned HIlton's name in interviews with the media.

The source claims Hilton doesn't want Lohan using her name to help further her career.

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