Finn and Rachel in NYC, Also Takes Her To Meet The Parents

The Glee people were in New York this weekend for the GLAAD Media Awards. Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were photographed leaving NYC on Sunday presumably to get back to work in LA. The two are rumoured to be dating.

She’s looking at him like they’re dating. They’re dressed similarly too, almost like they’re dating. And I’m told that before heading to the airport yesterday, they were out for lunch, being super romantic at the restaurant totally like they’re dating. And there weren’t even any paps around.

A lot of people believe these two are only “together” because Glee isn’t getting the ratings it used to. I would totally buy that if the two were Bieled more often. But Cory brought Lea back home to Vancouver a few weeks ago and although the two were sighted by civilians everywhere, they managed to elude the local photographers so ...I’m still not sure how it adds up. And if we’re discussing the strategy behind leveraging a relationship, real or otherwise, to further a career, what does Lea do for Cory, and Cory for Lea? Not that much, right? In that respect, I’m more inclined to think this is legit. You?

The source has more pictures of them in the airport.