ONTD gets a mention in an article about the new boy band craze

Boy bands are back
Big Time Rush, Mindless Behavior, the Wanted and One Direction are all finding success. But can they reach the heights of earlier such groups?

Hundreds of glow sticks luminesced over the sold-out crowd at Gibson Amphitheatre on a recent Friday night. Prepubescent girls snapped cellphone pictures and out-screamed one another as younger kids were hoisted onto parents' shoulders for better views.

The cheers morphed into hysteria as Big Time Rush emerged.

The scene on stage is a familiar: five seemingly interchangeable young guys linked by one band name and an ability to dance with military precision, deliver harmonies and exude boy-next-door charm.

Big Time Rush is at the crest of a new boy band wave, yet the L.A.-made group hearkens to an era when Backstreet Boys, 'NSync and 98 Degrees ruled the charts.

Judging from recent sold-out L.A. shows for other young groups such as multi-cultural British heartthrobs the Wanted and R&B teen sensations Mindless Behavior, as well as the buzz surrounding reality show magnate Simon Cowell's creation One Direction, the re-emergence of the boy band has only just begun.
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