ONTD'S Favorite British Viejita Keeps It Real

She's worth £22m but SuBo shops 'til she drops, in POUNDLAND... then gets the BUS home

She is worth an cool £22 million but SuBo clearly doesn't want to spend it all at once.

The Britain's Got Talent singer obviously can't resist a bargain as she was spotted leaving her local Poundland clutching a bag full of cheap stuff before popping on the bus home.

Dressed in a black coat and leggings Scottish Boyle browsed the aisles just like any other shopper in Blackburn, West Lothian.

One stunned shopper told The Sunday People: 'She was just wandering around like she has always done. It is madness to think that she is worth so much money yet nothing in her life has seemed to change.'

And ordering a taxi was definitely out for the global singer as she was spotted rummaging about in her purse for £2.20 to catch the bus to her old council house.

Boyle, 50, had splashed out on a luxury pad nearby but only uses it for rehearsals, preferring the familiarity of her old house.

Perhaps because I Dreamed a Dream singer is about to go on a nationwide tour she needed to pick up some travel essentials as the budget chain is known to stock a range of cosmetics.

The singer, who shot to fame in 2009, has always said she has been careful with cash.

She said: 'Because I rose to fame so quickly I was frightened I was going to sink quickly too. I still worry about that, but I am getting more relaxed now.'


You go SUBO keeping it real and keeping it smart.