Kate Middleton's Cousin Sexily Stripping

Katrina Darling performed her "God Save The Queen" show at WiP in New York's Soho where she stripped almost completely nude.

This is Kate Middleton’s cousin. Her name is Katrina Darling (we don’t think she was born with that particular moniker though).

Up until a short time ago Katrina was blissfully unaware that she was even related to our future Queen. As soon as she found out though, she was quick to cash in on her Royal connections and we’re sure the Windsors are pleased as punch with how she’s gone about it.

Dressed in a red, sparkly corset dress, white thigh high tights (we think this is a reference to footmen), a royal cape complete with fur and Union Jack tied around her waist, gold long sleeved gloves and of course a crown on her head, Katrina dances around in a sexy manner and slowly removes her, um, regal outfit.

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