Oh no! Coco forgets to wear thong!

Don't you hate it when you forget to put on your thong???

Coco Austin gave her fans more than a glimpse of how she whiled away her day between takes on a TV set yesterday.

The 32-year-old reality star and actress claimed to have forgotten her underwear - and posted the evidence on her whosay account.

Austin was on location filming another guest appearance on the police drama, in which her husband has a regular role.

The TV personality - who insists her curves are all real - recently opened up about how she used to suffer from an eating disorder.

She told Sister 2 Sister magazine: ‘When I was 18, the J. Lo butt was not in. To have a booty was not the thing.

'You were considered fat if you had a booty. I was being cast in stuff where you'll see all these really beanpole-looking white girls with blond hair and big boobs. That's what I wanted to be.’

She continued: ‘I was pulled aside during a photo shoot and a director told me that I needed to lose weight - that I was getting fat.