5 Actresses Who Should Join ‘American Horror Story’

American Horror Story is getting ready to start production on season two, and it was reported last week that the show was casting for a “a fierce, ferocious, extremely sexual and dangerous wild-child sexpot who harbors a secret.” This twentysomething female would serve as the nemesis to this season’s star, Jessica Lange. So, given our infinite casting wisdom, we have decided to let Ryan Murphy know the five actresses we think would be best in this role.

• Megan Fox — She was just great in her small role in Friends With Kids, and this would be another fantastic way for everyone to forget that whole Transformers debacle. What’s more, the character description seems to fit her to a tee, and we can just see her and Lange having the most delightful face-offs ever.
• Kaya Scodelario — The Skins star is not very well known stateside, but definitely has the attitude, chops and gorgeous looks to pull this character off. Even better, it does not say the character can’t have a British accent. And we all know nothing makes someone seem more sinister than good looks and a British accent.
• Isabelle Fuhrman — She is only 15-years-old and far, far too young for the character on paper but hey, the girl already played 33 in Orphan. What’s more, she will be riding a huge wave following the success of The Hunger Games and she scares the sh*t out of everyone. Give the girl a shot, she can definitely hold her own with Lange.
• Shailene Woodley — There is no question this near Oscar nominee wants to do everything in the world to distance herself from her role on the ABC Family show Secret Life of the American Teen, and what better way than to spend some time sexing it up while no doubt also committing a slew of undoubtedly immoral acts for Mr. Murphy?
• Andrej Pejic — Isn’t Ryan Murphy all about thinking outside the box?


Who do you think it should be?