More Madonna Tour Dates and MDNA News


The Material Girl is coming home after all.

Madonna, born in Bay City and raised in Pontiac and Rochester, has added a Nov. 8 date at Detroit’s Joe Louis arena to her upcoming world tour. Tickets – priced $173, $93 and $48 – go on sale March 19.

The date for the physical release Madonna's MDNA album has now been aligned to March 23 on the online stores of a number of countries in Europe and around the world where new records hit the shops on a Friday.As you know, several countries have new releases coming out the second to last day of the week. This includes European markets such as Austria, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland - and Australia.

There has not been an official announcement from Interscope about the release date in those countries, but judging from how all the online stores have updated their listing, it looks like that the new album will be available to purchase in those markets on March 23.

Also MadonnaTribe has learnt and can exclusively reveal that Interscope / Universal Music is going to release Madonna's MDNA on vinyl, too!

Universal Music has taken the right way, and MDNA will not miss the magic of the vinyl format.

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