Photo Post: Diana's Girls

After reading the dramatic comments in the Hayden P blind item post and discovering the alleged Hollywood madam Diana Jenkins something finally made sense to me. The existence of Spring Breakers.

No one understands why Harmony Korine is directing a bunch of teenage girls of Disney and ABC Family fame in a raunchy drug comedy led by James Franco. Now we understand. Spring Breakers is not just a movie. Spring Breakers, much like Diana's book 23, is a catalogue of celebrity hookers disguised as a piece of art. Prostitution hidden in plain sight. How else do you explain this movie and these outfits? More importantly, is Franco a client or an employee? Time will tell. In the interim here are some of her latest additions on the set of Spring Breakers:




Filming with Harmony


More hijinks

Separation of hijinks

Embrace of hijinks


Before anyone comments that I'm being insensitive just know that I don't think Diana is a pimp. Matt Damon doesn't associate with pimps, okay? It's a little too much to swallow. In more eloquent words: