Angie Turns Down Script for Salt 2

Angelina Jolie has reportedly rejected a script for ‘Salt 2’, a sequel to her 2010 hit. In the original film, Jolie played a CIA operative on the run after she is accused of being a Russian double agent. ‘Salt’ was an international hit, and made Jolie one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Moviehole reports that Jolie has turned down a script for the sequel penned by Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the first film. Wimmer is currently working on a revision of the script that will make the actress happy.

There is little known about the project, although Sony confirmed that the sequel was in the early stages of pre-production last year. Original director Phillip Noyce also stepped away from the sequel in 2010, saying he had offered all he had to the Evelyn Salt character.