2:28 am - 03/03/2012

Famous novelists in NYT "T Magazine" fashion spread

Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis, Dennis Cooper, Peter Carey & Richard Ford "showing off the season’s stand out shirts".

SALMAN RUSHDIE Untitled Memoir (September) Textured narrative Salvatore Ferragamo shirt, $430. Call (800) 628-8916. His own tie.

DENNIS COOPER “The Marbled Swarm” Between the lines Bottega Veneta shirt, $820. Call (212) 371-5511.

RICHARD FORD “Canada” (June) Solid matter Prada shirt, $420. Go to prada.com.

MARTIN AMIS “Lionel Asbo: The State of England” (August) A different stripe Louis Vuitton shirt, $590. Go to louisvuitton.com. Louis Vuitton shirt, $590. Go to louisvuitton.com.

PETER CAREY “The Chemistry of Tears” (May) Dot matrix Tom Ford shirt, $545. Call (212) 359-0300.

Photographs by Mikael Jansson. Styled by Bill Mullen. Fashion assistants: Mauricio Quezada and Alex Tudela. Grooming by Francelle for NARS Cosmetics.

sleepofplagues 3rd-Mar-2012 02:31 am (UTC)
you know only white people write books duh
browniecakemix 3rd-Mar-2012 02:33 am (UTC)
maybe we wouldn't be having this problem if we'd just given more women their own damn studies like Woolf told us to a hundred years ago
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