This Week According to Paris

Paris & Nicky w/ Terry at Chateau Marmont

Paris brought a piece from Terrywood

"I saw this piece "The Paparazzi Machine" and just had to have it. The pictures and video don't do justice to the way it looks in real life. It's such a cool art instillation and even has motion sensors so when you walk by it flashes and makes noises. Think I'm going to hang it in the nightclub I built in my house. :)"

+ Paris' shoe and handbag collections are now available to be purchased in South Africa!

"Spreading Paris Hilton's Love & Purses are Edgars stores in South Africa! YES! The fabulous department stores are the newest shopping destination for the glamorous and sexy style of iconic Paris Hilton!

Now all the girls in South Africa can accessorize their whole look with Paris Hilton Handbags and Shoe Collections... With this new opening Paris Hilton lines are making the world a more fashionable place in 46 countries around the world!

From day one the accessories are flying off the shelves! One of South Africa's favorite styles is also one of Paris Hilton's favorites: the Bon Ton handbags... tasteful little purses with fashionable faux crocodile finish. A must for this season!

The Paris Hilton handbags & accessories are now sold in 46 countries worldwide and through 35 free-standing Retail Concept stores."