9 Stories of Celebs Being Good Samaritans (we need a positive post, imo!)

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Earlier this week (in 2011), Alex Trebek awoke to find a burglar in his San Francisco hotel room. The game show host chased down the thief, rupturing his Achilles tendon and injuring his leg in the process. Thanks to Trebek's efforts, the suspect was later apprehended. Trebek went on to fulfill his hosting duties at the National Geographic World Championship geography bee later that day. (Ben Hider, Getty Images)

Back against the wall and odds, with the strength of a will and a cause, your pursuits are called outstanding, you're emotionally complex. Against the grain of dystopic claims, not the thoughts your actions entertain, and you...have proved...to be...a real human being and a real heroCollapse )


what are your good samaritan (whether it was you or someone else helping you out)stories, ontd? When I was sixteen and had just gotten my license, some jerk hit me and drove off. A guy saw what happened, chased the jerk in his car, forced the jerk to come back to the scene, waited with me till my dad got there so I wouldn't be by myself with the jerk, and then snuck away before me, my dad, or the police could properly thank him :( <3