New Thomas Mann photoshoot, + his "Project X" co-star Alexis Knapp talks about their love scene

Former model and burgeoning actress Alexis Knapp had a big opportunity in the new film Project X. The Todd Phillips produced film stars a cast of all fresh faces in a major release. However, her character required Knapp to push some of her personal boundaries. As the dream girl of the hero, she ultimately has to appear topless in a seduction scene.

“My hookup scene was challenging for myself, not because Thomas [Mann] is in any form repulsive
[As if there was a need to point this out - OP],” Knapp said. “He’s great, wonderful kisser. But I just had a lot of moral issues with it but I got over it and I heard that it’s not that revealing. So I’m relieved.”

Thomas and Alexis in the film:

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