Christina Aguilera's Secrets Revealed: Alcohol, Weight Gain and Career Troubles

Christina Aguilera's career used to be compared to some of the most successful pop singers in the industry like Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. But now it seems that Christina has fallen from grace and she has landed in a big bowl of trouble. On the newest issue of Star Magazine, an unflattering picture of Aguilera is shown with lipstick smeared across her face. The headline reads "she's a wreck" with the subtitles indicating that she is an alcoholic who sleeps all day and parties all night.

The magazine promises to reveal secrets that have destroyed Christina's life, including the 65-pound weight gain, the diva behavior, a dose of hatred from her The Voice costars and her crashing image.

The mag says Aguilera “sleeps all day” and “parties all night,” quoting a so-called insider as saying, “Christina is out of control, and her friends are worried sick.”

According to another supposed source, “Christina goes days without ever getting out of bed. She’ll have food brought to her, and she even drinks in bed too!”

But that’s not all.

Star reports that Aguilera’s alleged private struggles have carried over into her professional life, and she’s an absolute mess on “The Voice.”

One of Star’s so-called set insider says, “Her dressing room is littered with wine bottles,” and adds that her supposed drinking causes her to get “confrontational” with show staffers.

“She’ll start screaming at the top of her lungs about the lighting, the direction, the food, even the maid service for her dressing room,” notes the purported source, who goes on to allege that as a result of her so-called “diva” behavior, “Everyone hates her!”

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