Kim Cattrall and Lisa Kudrow don't know who they are

Who do you think you are? Not Samantha or Phoebe that's for sure! Kim Cattrall and Lisa Kudrow look nothing like their alter-egos at TV event


On Friends Lisa Kudrow wore an array of quirky outfits to play the kooky character of Phoebe.
And on Sex And The City Kim Cattrall slipped her sensational figure into a series of bold and sassy outfits to play sex-mad Samantha.
But both actresses looked nothing like their alter-egos today as they attended the 'Who Do You Think You Are?' screening at the Paley Center in New York.

Kim, 55, was almost completely covered up in a demure three-quarter length sleeve multi-coloured dress with a hemline which dropped over the knees.
She paired the conservative looked with some blue suede kitten heels, a far-cry from the sky-high stilettos she used to wear to play PR-maven Samantha.
Meanwhile Kudrow dressed head-to-toe in black, in an outing consisting of a shirt, trousers and boots.
The ensemble was void of any colour, which no doubt her famous Friends character would disapprove of.
The two women were on the red-carpet to promote the show, which they have both appeared on.
The program is an adaptation of the British series of the same name.

Each week a celebrity goes on a journey to trace his or her family tree.
Kudrow is an executive producer for the series and appeared on show herself back in 2010.
During her episode she uncovered a shocking family connection to the Holocaust.

The Friends star broke down in tears after she discovered her great-grandmother was murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War.
A devastated Kudrow read town records from the 1940s revealing Mera Mordejovich was 'killed and burned' with 900 other Jews in Ilya, Belarus.
She was on a mission with researchers from the programme to find out what happened to Mera and where she was buried.

When Kudrow was a child, her grandmother told her Hitler killed her mother but the actress wanted to find out more about her ancestor.
The results of her investigation clearly distressed her throughout the episode.
Standing in the market square of Ilya, she was visibly shaken. 'The people were stripped, shot and burned,' she said during the episode.

'Hearing the details made it worse because you conjure up an image of what it must have been like for them.'
From Belarus, Kudrow also went to Gdynia, Poland, in search of Yuri Barudin - a cousin who is a Holocaust survivor.
After finding him in the phonebook, Kudrow visited the long-lost relative - who changed his name to Boleslaw to sound more Polish - in an emotional first meeting.
Heartwarmingly, Burudin and the actress's father Lee, are now in contact via Skype.
Kudrow decided to take the Who Do You Think You Are? to America after seeing the original version while filming PS. I Love You in Ireland four years ago.
Meanwhile Cattrall has appeared on both the British and American version of the show.
Back in 2009 on the UK version of the show, the British-born actress' journey led her back to Liverpool, where she was born, to find out the truth about what happened to her grandfather - who had abandoned her mother and two aunts over 70 years ago.
The actress' mother Shane was just eight-years-old when she last saw her father in 1938. Her sisters Marjorie and Dorothy were five and two years old.
He left the family in squalid conditions where they never had enough to eat and wore tatty clothing.
But Cattrall found out a bombshell when she dared to delve into her family tree.

Her grandfather George Baugh had fled to Manchester and married another woman less than a year after abandoning his first family - without divorcing Cattrall's grandmother - making him a bigamist.
'Wow, he's a bigamist… and he was married by a vicar in a church, the actress said upon learning about his deceit.
'I knew he was gutsy but now he's a criminal. Unbelievable.
'I'm quite angry about that. As a woman I find that quite despicable.
George had gone on to have four other children with his new wife, who he seemingly had a happy and normal life with.
His new wife, Isabella Oliver – who at 21 was nine years younger than Baugh – had no idea that her husband was previously married.

Baugh could have faced seven years in prison for the crime of bigamy for not divorcing Cattral's grandmother Marian.
He later emigrated to Australia with his wife and four children in 1961 where he ran a post office and shop.
He died in 1974 and his wife passed away in 1990.
Cattrall, whose parents moved to Canada when she was just three months old, fought back tears as she saw a photo of her grandfather for the first time later on in the episode.
She branded him a 'son of a b*tch' and an 'absolute rogue'.

'That's really shocking and sad, really despicable,' she said. 'No sense of responsibility of this whatsoever.'
The actress said she had found the research more difficult and emotional than expected.
Visibly upset, she said: 'This journey of finding him was more about finding the family that I do have and that's a great gift.'

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