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Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson were in love
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brucelynn wrote in ohnotheydidnt

David Gest has claimed that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were once "very much in love".

Gest, a close friend of both of the late stars, shared his belief that Houston would have had a less troubled life if she married the King of Pop.

"She really loved Michael and he adored her," he told The Sun. "Michael told me they once shared a passionate kiss, and she told me she was at one time very much in love with him.

"I think she really wanted to marry him but, although he had a crush on her, he was too shy. Later, he confessed to me he should have made every move.

"If they had got together, I believe Whitney would not have done drugs or become a semi-recluse."

On his own relationship with Houston, Gest said that he was captivated by the singer "from the moment [he] spoke to her".

"When we met last year, it was at her concert in Copenhagen and it was the saddest performance I had ever seen her give," he said. "Tears came to my eyes as she just couldn't hold her notes.

"I actually walked out after four songs, had a sob then came back to watch the rest of the show. My heart was bleeding for her. The woman who was possibly the greatest female vocalist of all time had given her only performance I'd ever seen that wasn't up to par."

Gest added that afterwards they "talked about bad marriages and mistakes we had both made in life".

"She talked to me about drugs and how she wished she had never done them," he revealed. "That conversation was deeply personal, a real heart-to-heart."

Houston's funeral took place in New Jersey on Saturday (February 18) and she was laid to rest in the state the following day. She passed away on February 11 at the age of 48.

Jackson suffered a fatal cardiac arrest aged 50 in June 2009.


I hope the kiss part is true tbh

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I think that they were just really good friends. I watched her oprah interview over the weekend. She spoke about how his death hit her hard.

I wish that they had gotten together tho.

i cant imagine him being sexual with anyone...

try again with that martian icon

"If they had got together, I believe Whitney would not have done drugs or become a semi-recluse."

Right, because Michael Jackson of all people would have encouraged her to not do THOSE things lol

It's heartbreaking that they're both gone. :(

MJ died of a drug overdose. Let's not pretend she never would've gotten into drugs if they'd been together.


also with both of their levels of fame, that could have made things even more complicated than just being Whitney or just being Michael. Now you're Whitney & Michael.

i can't believe it's almost been 3 years since he passed. it feels like yesterday

"If they had got together, I believe Whitney would not have done drugs or become a semi-recluse."

People need to stop blaming Bobby for Whitney's actions tbh.

Lol it's not true but I kinda wish it was tbh

Making someone else's death about MJ aint cute.

Heeeeeeere we goooooooooo...

And we only hearing this now?

I cried at Whitney's funeral but I cried 100000x more at Michael's.
I love both of them but at least *I think* Whitney had somewhat of a happier life and childhood than Michael. People talked shit about Whitney because of her drug abuse but people gave Michael hell for something he didn't do. He was misunderstood and never got the love he deserved, at a personal level that is. He had millions of fans all over the world who loved him but it seems to me like he was very lonely and that breaks my heart.

I cried during both tbh

but I am glad they both had really nice sendoffs

Your icon is really beautiful.

(Deleted comment)
LMAO I think people in this post are taking this too seriously

for them to share a "passionate kiss" that would mean that Whitney cheated on Bobby and she did not cheat on him with no Michael Jackson.

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